Bandages & Wound Care

Virtually every type of Hospital Quality Bandage and Wound Care product at Wholesale-Direct pricing - Detectable Blue Metal Bandages, Butterfly Wound Closures, Telfa, Non-Stick, Plastic, Trauma Pads, Heavy Bandages, Gauze and Gauze Rolls. Also find Fabric Bandages, Fingertip, Knuckle, Fingercots, Triangular Slings and Triangular Bandages. Blood Stoppers & HemoStats, and Special Novelty Bandages too.


  • Blue Metal Detectable Bandages

    Hygiene is crucial inside a kitchen. The regular bandages are made with colors that can easily be disguised inside food. With our blue metal detectable bandages that come in different shapes and sizes,you will easily see and detect contamination in the food, so your dishes never leave the kitchen with anything that wasn´t meant to be there.

  • Blue Visible Bandages

    Hygiene is crucial in any kitchen! With our blue bandages that come in different shapes and sizes,you will easily identify contamination within your dishes before they leave the kitchen.

  • Butterfly Wound Closures

    Don´t let any cut or wound in a finger, stop you from doing your activities. The butterfly shape of this closure is perfect to close small cuts anywhere.

  • Fabric Bandages
  • Finger Cots

    Made to protect fingers cuts and wounds and also to keep bandages dry, finger cots are the best invention. You can find them blue to avoid losing them in the food and latex free to avoid allergies. Remember hygiene is the most important part of a kitchen.

  • Flexible Wound Closures
  • Gauze Dressing Pads
  • Gauze Roll - Non-Sterile

    Non sterilized gauze rolls are available in different sizes. You can use them to cover and protect any wound generated while doing sports or any other activity. Don´t forget to order some spare ones to fill your first aid kit or cabinet.

  • Gauze Rolls - Sterile

    Sterile gauze rolls come in different sizes to help you prevent infections in any injury, they are flexible and extra absorbent. Perfect for sports or domestic use. Make sure to order some to keep your first aid kit or cabinet stocked.

  • Heavy Woven Bandages

    Heavy woven adhesive bandages are ideal for workplaces where injured areas may become moist or greasy. These fabric type bandages are more flexible than standard plastic bandaids, and adhere longer in damp, dirty, environments. We offer standard size woven bandages as well as specialty use such as knuckle, fingertip and patch varieties for covering specific injuries. Also see regular weight woven fabric bandages.

  • KytoStat Bandage
    Bandages KytoStat: A natural choice to control bleeding First, HemCon® Bandages were proven to be effective lifesavers in combat
  • Non-Stick Pads
  • Non-Stick Pads w/ Adhesive Edges
  • Plastic Bandages
  • QR Quick Relief Blood Stopper
  • Spray On Bandage
  • Super Stop Bandages
  • Trauma Pads
  • Triangular Slings / Triangular Bandages
  • Wound Closures
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